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General terms

general terms of sale and delivery


/ pricelist
Recommended sales price list in EURO excl. VAT excl. freight. VAT and freight costs will be charged depending on the oder.

/ delivery schedules
Delivery for standard items held in stock is normally 2-3 working weeks from order receipt. Delivery on customized products as well as large orders is agreed on a
 case by case basis and takes at least 6-8 weeks. Should detailF learn that it is not possible to deliver the goods within the agreed period; the customer will be informed of the delay as soon as possible and informed of a new delivery date. If the delay exceeds 3 months and is not due to force majeure, the customer is entitled to cancel the order. The customer is not entitled to make further claims to detailF in cases of e.g. delay. DetailF can not be held accountable for delivery problems in cases of force majeure. In these cases delivery schedules will be prolonged.

/ delivery
Deliveries will ship from detailF or directly from the producer. The customer is obligated to check the packaging upon receipt of the goods and check that the number of packages corresponds to the delivery note. If goods and/ or packaging are damaged upon receipt the responsibility to accept the order with reservation and to make a remark of this on the delivery note lies upon the recipient.
Although our products are subject to thorough quality control, there is the possibility that certain flaws may go undetected. If, upon delivery of a carpet, irregularities are discovered either in the appaerance of the pile or the dimensions delivered, then the carpet should not be used and the customer should inform DetailF immediately. Provided this procedure is followed properly, and provided the manufacturer deems the complaint to be justified, the customer will be entitled to either the necessary repairs or a refund.

/ tolerances
Any color samples or material samples can only be considered as a guide. DetailF can not be held responsible for any differences between the sample and the delivered goods, as color changes occur naturally over a period of time. Minor color irregularities compared to the standard may occur and should, provided they are within reasonable limits, be accepted. Variances are not considered to be defects. It should be emphasised that shading and other similar optical effects occurring as a result of pile direction will never be accepted as the grounds for complaint and therefore will not qualify for a refund.

/ guaranty
DetailF guarantees the quality of its carpets for a period of five years. This guaranty applies to early discovery of wear resulting from pile loss, for example caused by improper anchoring of the yarns. The guaranty does not cover damage caused by excessive mechanical force or scratching by pets. Proof of purchase must be supplied when filing a complaint.

/ complaints
Any complaints must be filed in writing no later than 7 days after receipt of the goods in question. Any complaints received later than this date cannot be considered unless it is a question of manufacturing defects.

/ return of goods
Any goods to be returned can only be returned according to prior agreement, and when securely packed.

/ product liability
DetailF can only be held responsible for any material damage caused by its products if it can be proved that such damage is due to error or negligence on the part of detailF. DetailF can in no way be held responsible for operational losses, loss of earnings or other financial consequences arising from such damage.

/ payment
DetailF reserves the right to demand full or partial advance payment. Delivered goods remain the property of DetailF until the full purchase price including delivery charges as well as interest payable on arrears is fully paid.
Conditions of payment are stated in the invoice. If the purchaser does not pay in full on the due date, detailF is entitled to charge interests payable on arrears at a rate of 2% per month or part thereof.

/ disputes
Any and all disputes regarding this contract are to be resolved under German law. All legal proceedings are to take place at the local court of either detailF or the customer, as decided by detailF.

/ all rights reserved
DetailF is not responsible for any printing errors and price changes. DetailF reserves the right to make changes or to terminate the manufacture of any model without prior notice.

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