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room moment c2 / c3 / c4


the room moment rugs stand out due to their unique color gradation design and their rich, luxurious finishing. the subtle and smooth color gradient effect gives the impression of a change of dimension in the rug. the design opens up the room in which it is placed, it communicates with its architectural surroundings and invites the user to experience a whole new interior dimension.

manufactured entirely in the netherlands, the rugs make use of an exclusive high-tech tufting technique that is able to create super smooth color changes within the tufted rug. the rugs are made of 100% fine new zealand wool through which a luxuriously soft and voluminous rug is obtained.

all rugs are also available in bespoke sizes & alternative color ways, please contact the studio to discuss your requirements.

c2 / shades of blue & peach
c3 / shades of red & grey
c4 / shades of grey

material: 100% NZ wool / rubber backing

delivery time 6-8 weeks

please specify the color (c2/c3/c4) when placing your order.